Father Joseph Illo gave a 14-minute homily on Trinity Sunday, July 12 at Star of the Sea parish in San Francisco.

He began discussing the relation between the Trinity and love: “The greatest truth about God is the Trinity. He is loved because He is a community of persons…. Everybody’s looking for love…. Almost every popular song, every movie is about love….”

And then, “June in San Francisco is a special month – because it’s the month of the Sacred Heart… God has a heart for us. God is love, He has a heart for us….

“But in San Francisco the Sacred Heart is not what is celebrated. All over the city and all over corporate America, it is Pride. All the sporting events. Target, WalMart – it’s rainbow clothing….

“Even at our Vatican embassy, in Rome a rainbow flag flies for the month of June-

“Pride is a sin – the worst of the capital sins…


“The Sacred Heart makes June humility month. How about humility month rather than pride month?

“What does the rainbow flag mean? It means sin. It means unnatural acts. The flag promotes pride in disordered acts. America is proud of this perversion.

“Let’s help each other be pure…. The tragedy of the break-down of the family is a result of the loss of purity…. All the atheist movements – including pride – hate the family.”