Father Joseph Illo, pastor of Star of the Sea parish in San Francisco, gave a 13-minute homily on Sunday, January 28.

“It was a wonderful night last night, our school gala. Archbishop Cordileone was there. He stayed the whole night. Often he’s there to glad-hand and get off to the next thing, but he seemed to like being with us last night.

“Today is the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas a patron saint of Catholic education. Our headmaster, Dr. Culvert, did his PhD in Thomistic philosophy in Toronto. This year marks the 750th-year anniversary of Thomas’ death. He wrote the Summa theologica but he did not finish it. He had a vision after Mass one day and he said ‘after seeing what I have seen in the Holy Eucharist everything I have written is as straw.’

“That’s why he’s a saint, not because he was smart, because he was, but because he loved the Lord Jesus. Many of our teachers are from Thomas Aquinas College. We will be opening a high school, Nativity High School in August of this year to provide a classical education at that level.

“In the Gospel today a possessed man appears in the synagogue. Possessed by a demon, rather a team of demons. This man is divided, and Our Lord has to integrate him. Our country, our church is so divided. Catholic education strives to re-integrate our lives. Our Lord prays, ‘I pray that they may be one.'”