MakingAllthingsThe following came in a May 28 email, an excerpt from Father Joseph Homick’s blog, Making All Things New.

“This post is also my final gift to you on Making All Things New. The Contemplatives of St Joseph have received a mission from our archbishop that will consume all of my time, for a long time, and I will not even be able to dig up old homilies to recycle. I ask your prayers for this mission, because I need to spend many hours a day in prayer in addition to all this work, if it is going to be fruitful (and if I’m not to burn out through excessive activity!).

“We are to play an important role in the liturgical reform of the archdiocese, partly by celebrating and teaching the traditional Latin Mass, and partly by celebrating and teaching the Novus Ordo Mass as it was meant from the beginning: with reverence, solemnity, Gregorian Chant, etc. We will also be involved in the spiritual formation of seminarians, to help insure that future generations of priests will also be rooted in both authentic liturgical life and in contemplative prayer, both of which are indispensable if the Church is to bear the fruit for which God has commissioned her. This is all in addition to the our present community and contemplative life and several ministries.

“This month marks eight years since I began the blog. I’ve already written a lot more than I ever thought I would (well over a million words!). If it were up to me, I would have a little cottage on the coast and spend the rest of my life praying and writing. But I’m here to do the Lord’s will, and He is moving me in a new direction. I trust that obedience will bear its fruit.

“I will make the blog available indefinitely, since there is still much in the archives you can look through. Hopefully before too long I will be free to distribute my new Mary booklet (which you can have for free), and I’ll put up a link for that when I can do so. If it seems too tedious to trudge through the archives month by month, you can find links for all the posts, listed alphabetically, here.”
Read Father Homick’s blog here.