Father Francis Gloudeman, a Norbertine priest, gave a homily on Pentecost Sunday at San Secondo d’Asti Church in Guasti (San Bernadino diocese) in which he named the ordinary of the San Bernadino diocese, Bishop Alberto Rojas, as a signer of a statement promulgated by the Tyler Clementi Foundation “standing up for at-risk LGBT youth.”

From the homily:  “Our bishop is one of the 14 bishops who made a big error. He was one of the 14 that signed a document saying LGBT is healthy, it’s normal. That is an error. It goes against the Old Testament, what happened at Sodom and Gomorrah, what St. Paul says in the New Testament. It’s a sin, a mortal sin, a sin that leads to Hell.  In so far as one loves the sin,  that person hates the sinner…

“We are so used to that which is fake in little things, it may numb us to fake things that are even worse. A good example of hypocrisy would be Joe Biden. He says he’s Catholic, but he’s the opposite….”

Other California bishops signing the pro-LGBT statement include Bishop John Dolan and Robert McElroy of San Diego.