Prominent canon lawyer Fr. Gerald Murray told Raymond Arroyo that “female deacons” would be a “serious moment of heresy in the life of the Church.”

On the recent edition of Raymond Arroyo’s show The World Over, Fr. Murray and Catholic author Robert Royal discussed the meaning of the claim made by a nun who recently spoke in the Vatican that Pope Francis “is very much in favor of the female diaconate.”

Fr. Murray explained that the Church has never administered the Sacrament of Holy Orders to women, including the diaconate, and that it would be against Church teaching and Tradition to do so.

He said that “the reason it’s not permitted is because the Church has never done it.”

“There is no history of female deacons receiving the Sacrament of Holy Orders ever in the life of the Church.”

“I think, for me, that’s part of the propaganda effort to say simply, ‘The pope is going to do this,’” he added.

“If this [female deacons] were done, this would mark a serious moment of heresy in the life of the Church because you would have the pope authorizing something that is impossible to happen: women being given the sacrament of Holy Orders.”

“And if that happened, the Church would be splitting apart because you’d have some bishops do it and others wouldn’t,” Fr. Murray continued. “And then, if you’re in a diocese in which a woman was ‘ordained’ a deacon, could that deacon go across the boundary to the next diocese and function as a deacon? She wouldn’t even be recognized as a deacon….”

From LifeSiteNews