A Catholic priest penned a letter to pro-abortion Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs “for advancing a method to abort a child that disregards the safety of women beyond what she has done in the past.”

Fr. Craig Friedley, the pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Queen Creek, Arizona, wrote the in response to an announcement of a measure expanding access to over-the-counter contraceptives — many of which are abortifacients — without a doctor’s prescription.

Friedley took the Democrat to task for her long-standing promotion of abortion up until birth under the guise of advocating for “women’s health,” saying her latest move “is not only immoral, but it means that you are placing your eternal soul in danger of damnation by your public, proud, and scandalous actions in supporting the murder of children in the womb.”

Friedley reminded Hobbs, who is a professed Catholic, of the Church’s teaching on the gravity of the crime of abortion and the need to repent for the public scandal of pushing the abortion agenda in every way possible. “You should immediately repent and go to confession for advocating for abortion in the public square,” he said.

“The murder of a child in the womb is not health care. Stop spreading this lie and causing a scandal in the Catholic Church. If you are still attending any Catholic Mass, you should refrain from presenting yourself for communion until you repent of spreading lies and advocating for the murder of children in the womb,” Friedley stated unequivocally….

Commenting that he had not received any reply from Hobbs and did not expect any, Friedley told LifeSiteNews, “Governor Hobbs probably has no clue who I am and probably does not care. She even publicly stated that her stance on abortion is at odds with Catholicism and that she opposes Bishop John Dolan on this matter. She is not only at odds on the matter of abortion, she is at odds with other ‘Catholic issues.’ That is the standard for a person in today’s Democratic Party. In the state of Arizona, there is not a single Democrat, who claims to be Catholic, that will defend the unborn….”

From LifeSiteNews