Father Joseph Fessio of Ignatius Press, who is the publisher of the English-language version of From the Depths of Our Hearts by Cardinal Robert Sarah and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, gave an interview to EWTN on January 13.

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“This is not a book that is written in opposition to Pope Francis, but in support of Pope Francis. In fact they quote him very positively in the book.

“So they’re just trying to support him with more knowledge about what the pastoral and ecclesiastical consequences are of potential ordination as a general rule of viri probati, mature men, married men….

“…. Pope Francis said on the plane on the way back from Rio de Janeiro last year, 2019, ‘I would rather die than eliminate the celibate priesthood. I would rather die than do that.’ So this is not against Pope Francis, this is for Pope Francis.  Pope Francis says that. But Pope Francis has a lot of pressure on him. I think it’s good for the Pope to realize than men of this stature – of Pope Benedict who is one of the greatest theologians of our time, perhaps of all time – and Cardinal Sarah, who is a brilliant and very pastoral bishop – have spoken out so clearly about this.”