Father Ed Meeks, a Catholic who became an evangelical, and then reverted to the Church as an Anglican Ordinariate priest, gave a powerful 20-minute homily on Respect Life Sunday, October 3, at his parish of Christ the King in Towson, Maryland.

Father Meeks talked about his involvement with pro-life going back 50 years to holding newborn infants at St. Vincent’s Orphanage on Delaney Valley Road. He and his family then served as a foster home and helped found Sparrow House.
“The abortion industry today – it is a corrupt industry and a demonic ideology – is the most sacred of the Left’s sacred cows. This abortion industry continues in the face of all medical evidence to the contrary, to pretend that a pre-born baby is anything but a human being, except when it comes to negotiating with customers for that baby’s body parts….

“The U.S. House of Representatives, under the leadership of Catholic Nancy Pelosi, and with the enthusiastic endorsement of Catholic Joe Biden, passed a sweeping abortion bill, under the cynically deceptive title Women’s Health Protection Act, HR 3755. They passed it by a narrow margin of 217 to 207. Once again, notice the title, Women’s Health Protection Act, as if killing a baby were akin to removing a tumor or infected appendix.

“This bill would codify Roe v. Wade permanently in federal law, striking down any and all restrictions at the state level, including requirements for parental notification in the case of minor girls and for informed consent. It would allow for abortion for any reason or no reason during all nine months of gestation right up to and possibly even beyond the moment of birth….

“Of the 217 Democrats in the House, 216 voted for the bill, while 207 out of 207 Republicans voted against it. Why am I telling you that?…. A year ago, in my homily leading up to the November election, and in the blowback I got from that homily, much of the pushback was directed at the fact that I referred to the Democratic Party as the party of death….”