Father Cameron Faller, vocations director for the San Francisco archdiocese, gave a 14-minute talk on Sunday, June 27 at Star of the Sea parish. Father Faller confessed he did not want to be a priest and does not like everything about being a priest. After admitting the vocations crisis in San Francisco (“25 priests will retire, six will be ordained in the next three years”), he gave advice to the congregation on how to encourage young men.

Father Faller was followed by his mother, Bonnie Faller, who explained what might have led to the priestly vocations of Father Faller and his brother.

15-second excerpt from Bonnie Faller’s testimony:

“Our house was crazy. Four boys. I had a deep feeling to start the rosary with the boys and plant that seed especially when they were young. I think it was Aristotle who said give me a child before the age of seven, I’ll give you the man.”