Who’s behind the public policies that have led to millions dead from abortion?

When the killing of human beings becomes a pre-meditated methodical policy — put forward as a public good — massive slaughter results, and can be called a “holocaust.” 

History puts a face on leaders who considered mass murder a political “good” — leaders like Adolph Hitler of Germany, Mehmet Talaat of Turkey, Pol Pot of Cambodia, Mao of China and Joseph Stalin of Russia. 

But what about American leaders responsible for our own ongoing holocaust: abortion? History has yet to put a face to them, but those who value the sanctity of human life are obligated to ferret them out and hold them responsible.

This is the latest in an occasional California Catholic Daily series, “Faces of the American Holocaust,” in which we put faces to those behind the mass murder of innocents in the U.S.


By R.J. Grace

The abortion business has been very good to Dr. Edward C. Allred.

In 1969, Allred, along with Kenneth L. Wright, founded Family Planning Associates (FPA), a medical group specializing in abortion. Before Roe v. Wade made it legal in all states, the legality of abortion differed from state to state. In California, abortion became legal in 1967. Women seeking an abortion flowed into California from states where killing an unborn child was still considered a crime — making abortion a lucrative business for those willing to take the lives of the unborn.

By the time Allred retired in 2005 and sold FPA to Dr. Irving Feldkamp III, FPA had grown to be California’s leading abortion provider. By 1980, Allred’s FPA had grown to 12 clinics. At that time he boasted that FPA was aborting 60,000 babies a year. Allred and his associates streamlined the process down to a meager five minutes per abortion. As last reported in 2002, the number of FPA clinics had grown to 25, making it the leading provider of abortions in California — with $70 million in annual revenues and a net yearly profit of $5 million.

And that was 10 years ago. Family Planning Associates only real competition today comes from Planned Parenthood, which cranked out 329,455 abortions in 2010 alone.

In a 1980 interview with the San Diego Union, Allred spoke freely of what motivates him. At that time he claimed to have personally aborted 250,000 babies in the previous 12 years.

“Population control is too important to be stopped by some right-wing pro-life types,” the newspaper quoted Allred as saying. “Take the new influx of Hispanic immigrants. Their lack of respect of democracy and social order is frightening. I hope I can do something to stem that tide; I’d set up a clinic in Mexico for free if I could. Maybe one in Calexico would help. The survival of our society could be at stake… The Aid to Families With Dependent Children program is the worst boondoggle ever created. When a sullen black woman can decide to have a baby and get welfare and food stamps and become a burden to all of us it’s time to stop. In parts of South Los Angeles having babies for welfare is the only industry the people have.”

According to the Planned Parenthood-affiliated think tank, the Guttmacher Institute, black women are greater than 4.8 times more likely to have an abortion than non-Hispanic white women, and Hispanic women are 2.7 times more likely. This translates into a “war on children” — a war on children who are poor, black or Hispanic.

There is plenty of reason to see Allred’s work as a “war on women” as well. Just a few of the known cases in which a woman has died as a result of his handiwork include Patricia Chacon, a 16-year-old Hispanic girl; Denise Holmes, a 24-year-old Caucasian woman; and Mary Pena, a 43-year-old Hispanic woman. There is a long history of malpractice suits against Family Planning Associates for botched abortions, 76 civil cases in Los Angeles County Superior Court alone. Many of these women were left with serious and permanent damage.

One such survivor of an abortion allegedly botched by Allred is Gianna Jessen. Her case came to light when she gave testimony as someone who survived a failed abortion attempt in the trial of William Waddill, a California abortionist who was accused of strangling another baby who survived a failed abortion. Gianna was burned alive for 18 hours during a failed third-trimester saline abortion allegedly performed by Allred. But she survived (Allred is listed as the doctor who delivered her at a Los Angeles abortion clinic on Gianna’s birth certificate). Today, Gianna lives with the after effects of her attempted murder in the womb and has become a prominent spokeswoman in the pro-life movement.

Allred’s views and livelihood have been a source of embarrassment for the politicians he has supported and donated to, which include anti-abortion Republicans but also include “pro-choice” Republicans. Allred sees no contradiction between supporting pro-life Republicans and his practice of abortion. He is reported to have given over $400,000 to the Republican Party, maybe even more. Some of the Republicans he has donated to in the past include Pete Wilson, Dana Rohrabacher, Matt Fong, John Lewis, Ross Johnson, Curt Pringle and Scott Baugh. In contrast, Bob Dornan refused to accept any money from Allred and has described him as a “baby killer.”

Even though Allred has said he is against unnecessary government spending, he approves of and encourages the use of public funding for abortion. To this day, FPA makes sure all potential customers are aware that they can use MediCal to pay for abortion. They can apply for it and use it on the very same day they get their abortion.

Allred is now very rich, retired and still involved in his horseracing interest. He has a herd of 500 quarter horses and is the nation’s largest breeder and racer of such horses. In 2010 he resigned as president of Los Alamitos Race Course and moved out of California. He is still on the track’s board of directors, however, and apparently still owns a controlling interest in the Race Course, as he has since 1998.



Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 5:50 AM By Donald Casillo
One of the people responsable for the holocaust was Bernard Nathanson, an OB/GYN. He was a Jew, he turned and became a Catholic. If you can find his book,”Aborting America” read it.

Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 6:07 AM By JLS
Thirty years ago I watched a brief video of Allred performing an abortion: This was one of the most brutal attacks one can witness.

Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 6:33 AM By JMJ
Alfred’s blood money won’t do a bit of good for him in hell and why give him the title of ‘dr.’? Any bets that he is another ‘catholic’? Let’s hope not and let us all pray for his soul and salvation, along with all the others that promote birth-control and/or abortion. +JMJ+

Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 6:57 AM By Ted
If anyone should have any doubts about the use of the term “holocaust” for abortion, the statistics showing the typical abortion being performed on poor, hispanic or black women. In fact, the roots of Planned Parenthood are not just in “family planning” but the Eugenics movement. The foundress of PP was a rabid Eugenicist who advocated forced sterilization of 87% of women to avoid the birth of so many “inferior” people. Hitler read and greatly appreciated at least one book Sanger wrote. Those are the roots, and there is no change in that mentality. It’s about the furthering of the goal of extermination of targeted segments of the population.

Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 8:45 AM By Bakersfield Crusader
Oh, the irony … a prenatal mass murderer breeding horses while killing humans and whose lack of respect for life is what is truly frightening.

Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 8:46 AM By Laurette Elsberry
I did a quick search on Google to see what comments Catholic bishops may have made about Dr. Allred. It was no surprise that there were none. On the other hand, there are many, many comments they have made on immigration. Hey, Allred wants to exterminate immigrants. Wouldn’t you think that the bishops would have jumped on this as a reason to criticize Allred? No, they don’t want to “offend” women by bringing up the abortion “issue”.

Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 8:51 AM By Bakersfield Crusader
P.S. It was just a few years ago that Bud Feldkamp, whom Allred sold the FPA chain to, lost his family in a plane crash in Montana that killed seven children and seven adults. The plane crashed into a Catholic cemetery near a memorial for local residents to pray the rosary, at a “Tomb of the Unborn.” To read the rest of the story, do an Internet search using the words “Bud Feldkamp plane crash Gingi Edmonds.”

Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 9:13 AM By Dana
Forgive me if I stray from the subject matter (this is another excellent article, by the way) but I recently read that one of the earliest mass murderers was Napoleon when he decided to have all the unruly slaves in Haiti (then San Domingo) and Guadelupe detroyed and replaced with more placid slaves from Africa. Over 100,000 black people were murdered, many with sulphur dioxide used on the slaves held in ships’ holds. Coincidentally, I’m still slogging through a really dreadful bio of Bonhoeffer where the author defends Martin Luther’s insane hatred of Jews and Catholics as just the ravings of a madman in later life but in no way distorts his ‘true’ beliefs when a young man. (Amazing to me how he & Neitche have any credibility at all!) To me, these two major events, the so-called Reformation and the so-called ‘Enlightenment’ have led to the degredation of faith and morals and undermined Christianity and God’s plan to an impossibly unacceptable level. I know the big word now is ecumenism but I feel that until protestants (and having been one of many converts, there is real hope that it’s possible) recognize the true Church and become one with Rome and until God’s authority is restored in our laws and gov’t, we will never see an end to this sort of depravity. Men like ‘All-red’ (so aptly named) would not be acceptable to society, but an outcast for his crimes against humanity as was Himmler et al.. Comfortably ensconced on a horse ranch living like a lord is totally unacceptable. He is a pariah and an enemy of God. How good of JMJ to pray for him and be concerned about his salvation. That is true Christian charity. He is condemning himself, though, don’t you think?

Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 10:45 AM By tee
Re who is behind the Faces of the American Holocaust, why not go back to the Amchurch who publically defied the teaching of Pope Pius VI in Humanae Vitae in their three days after this promulgation NY Times ad stating they would not abide by this teaching of the Magisterium, one of the three pillars of the Bride of Christ, the Church of Rome along with Scripture and Tradition. Is it not interesting that six short years after defying that pronouncment from Rome, the US Supreme Court declared abortion to be legal? For weal or for woe, the Catholic Church is looked up to, heeded and its pronouncements are included or defamed in the works of the public “good.” As it has been since its founding, when Jesus Christ died on the cross and the blood and water that spilling from His heart began THE Church, THAT Church has had chacet one way or another. Without its supposed permission, would there be abortionists such as Edward Allredz? What do you think? For Dana, and others not adverse “to slogging,” an excellent study of how we incrementally arrived to the decrepit moral state in which we are, is the recently published The Unintended Reformation, which actually should be Re Formation.

Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 10:55 AM By Abeca Christian
JLS what a brave soul, I don’t think I could of watched such a violent video.

Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 11:54 AM By Dana
Actually, tee, how about ‘de-formation’? Your recommendation sounds good…if I ever finish this book (ha) I’ll give it try…especially if I can download it on my kindle at 3 am on a bad sleep night. Enjoy is perhaps not the word, but if you want to get an entirely different perspective on history and life in general, try reading Bonhoeffer,pastor,martyr, prophet spy. I’m only half way through so things could pick up. I’m sure I’m the only one in the world that isn’t inspired by it, but I live in hope. It isn’t the writing that’s bad…

Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 12:04 PM By JonJ
Dana, if Luther and Neiztsche have no credibility, how can the Church have any credibility after their various inquisitions and their inactivity in the face of the spanish conquest of the new world? During the inquisition the Church tortured suspected heretics then executed (or supported the execution) of people for pursuing freedom of religion. During the spanish inquisition, many evil clergy went along with the idea that indians were not real people and justified slaughtering them and stealing their gold by claiming they were better off because they also got the opportunity to convert to the true God. Though the pope ruled the indians were people and said catholics were not to take them as slaves, the colonists in the new world only paid attention to that ruling after they had stripped all the gold and seized all the land. Now, if the Church has drastically improved and is not so blatantly self-interested and displays much less obvious hypocricy, is it not possible that Lutherans and other protestants might have also improved?

Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 12:42 PM By Juergensen
Bishop Daniel R. Jenky of Peoria, Illinois, recently boldly stated: “May God have mercy on the souls of those politicians who pretend to be Catholic in church, but in their public lives, rather like Judas Iscariot, betray Jesus Christ by how they vote and how they willingly cooperate with intrinsic evil.” No doubt this too applies to those non-politicians who pretend to be Catholic in church, but in their public lives, rather like Judas Iscariot, betray Jesus Christ by how they vote in the booth for abortionists like Obama and, perhaps worse, mislead other Catholics into doing so too. “Woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!” (Matt. 18:7).

Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 12:52 PM By lisag
Except for the women who are beaten and forced into abortions, women are in a war against their wombs. They are rejecting their God given ability to create and say yes to life. Yes, abortion is legal, I wish it wasn’t, but it’s women who have willingly bought into abortion as a form of birth control. We should not have to have abortions laws, people should just know that it is evil and wrong and not do it. It is like having laws that allow child beating or child sacrifice. Americans wake up!

Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 2:48 PM By Maryanne Leonard
Forced into abortions? Yes. Unbelievable, I know, but true. Some women are even kidnapped at times. Within recent times, one teenaged girl back east, about 18 as I recall, refused to agree to the abortion her parents insisted upon, and they did actually kidnap her to force her to get an abortion. She prevailed somehow, and the parents were arrested and successfully prosecuted. That’s modern times, though, and that’s America. In the early 1960’s, long before hippies and the passage of California’s therapeutic abortion law in 1987 (limited then to cases of rape, incest, and to save the mother’s life), parents also did that kind of thing. I know that personally for an absolute fact. The guilty parents were never admonished, even by a priest at a Catholic Church (in San Francisco, of course, where else?), let alone arrested and prosecuted. Today the term “forced abortion” is more likely to mean fiercely coerced emotionally by the boyfriend, husband or parents, at least in our country. In China and elsewhere throughout the world, it still does mean physical force, including kidnapping, beating, straight jackets if necessary, threats of harm to family members, etc., if a woman dares to have more than one child. Girl babies are aborted so willingly and regularly that there is now an actual shortage of potential brides for young men, who often leave the country or pay large bride (“bribe”) prices to the families or girls themselves. God’s plans work so well, it is amazing to me that man has the audacity to try to rewrite it all based on one’s ownpersonal, political, social, economic and/or philosophical agendas. The only plan of eternal importance is God’s plan for each of us. Interrupting that plan is playing God . . . or rather, playing Satan, in the case of abortion. That applies to both the instigator(s) and the performer(s) of any abortion, but not to any innocent woman whose baby is being forcibly ripped out of her and killed. RIP, innocent babies of ours.

Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 2:50 PM By Dana
Jon, sometimes your convoluted arguments beggar belief. With that in mind, let us use a little logic and reason and couple that with a soupcon of faithfulness to Church history. First, to put the old inquisition chestnut to rest…remember, Jon, that most of Spain had been conquered by the Moors (Muslims) for over 700 yrs…their beautiful churches turned into mosques and those who were forced into exile lived a day to day existence. (did you know that millions of Christians were kidnapped and sold into slavery by barbery pirates during this time?) When, through the combined Christian armies the muslims were finally defeated (1492) after years of fighting, Spain might have been feeling a tad out of sorts with those who like many in France in WWII colluded w/the enemy. As I keep pointing out (apparently to NO avail) the BBC did a serious study of the Spanish Inquisition to find out just how many millions of poor wretches had been burnt at the stake etc. What they found Jon, was that the Church had little involvement in much of the trials..that it was the gov’t and that over 350 yrs. there were roughly 3500 people killed…to put that into perspective, under King Henry VIII, over 90,000 were put to death. I don’t know if that includes those who starved because of the destruction of the abbeys which fed and housed the poorest or not. Also, Jon, the BBC said that they were surprised at how little of torture was used compared to the terrible tales that spread a very different picture. You malign the many many priests who protected the Indians in S.America by buying property to provide them security and food. Have you actually read about these incredibly brave and loving priests? The laws that the Spanish church created to prevent cruelty and slavery were such exemplary laws that they were used by other countries facing similar situations. Download The Mission, starring Robt.DeNiro & Jeremy Irons (1986) about the Jesuits priests. As to the Lutherans, who said anything

Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 3:06 PM By Dana
cont’d. Who said anything about Lutherans, good or otherwise. If you will reread my post you’ll see that I was talking strictly about Martin Luther. You do nothing but spew a cartoon version of events using tired cliches aimed at hurting Mother Church and I wonder why? Why would you want to believe the 19th cent. blatantly anti-Catholic version of history created by England that even went so far as to destroy all evidence that Shakespeare was an ardent Catholic and that most of his plays were written in code against Queen Elizabeth and the protestant gov’t. Again, I would ask why you are so vehemently opposed to believing anything charitable about our popes and priests? I am well aware that the church is made up of many very imperfect beings, but when looks at what existed before the church and what change was wrought, like universities, hospitals and education for many of the poor, that brought beauty and hope to the hopeless, churches of such magnificence they were like great stone ships giving light and protection in a dark world. Even the vikings were tamed. You want to think ill of the church and I think you should examine your animosity and prejudice. I’m sorry, but I think you are on the verge of being a bigot.

Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 3:31 PM By Mark from PA
What an evil, racist man. It seems that he wanted to kill people of color. Well at least he likes horses. It appears that he would have more respect for a pregnant mare than a pregnant Latina. I wonder what the Sanchez sisters would have to say about this guy.

Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 3:31 PM By JLS
JonJ, are you not aware of the difference between Doctrine and non-doctrinal decisions by the Church? A bishop may have authority over the temporal lives of people, either as a temporal ruler or in conjunction with a temporal ruler, and in this authority may judge a subject to torture or death or imprisonment, without violating Church Doctrine. Case in point would be the Church position on the death penalty: The Church allows it, and thus it is possible that a bishop would be in a position to trip the trap door. Remember that Jesus authorized two Apostles to carry swords for their protection. Whether you agree with the doctrine or not is not any factor pushing a change in doctrine. The doctrine won’t change, JonJ. What needs to change is your attitude towards the Will of God.

Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 3:34 PM By JLS
Abeca, I saw that brief video at a pro-life gathering. Allred came off as a dragon or demon or at least something insane and/or evil … It was inhuman what he did in the video. It was not like watching a surgeon performing surgery … it was absolutely different. It was like a one man frenzy.

Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 3:35 PM By JLS
JMJ, the title, “Dr.”, can also mean “Dragon”.

Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 5:59 PM By OneoftheSheep
Our first prayers of the day should be for those among us who have yet to know and embrace the love of God: unbelievers. Let us pray for abortionists, former abortionists, and all who have profited or continue to profit from the execution of the unborn child in our society. Our Creator never wanted such rejection of His works.

Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 9:46 PM By Anne T.
Dana, your post May 7, at 3:03 PM was a great and truthful defense of the churches situation during those inquistitions. Protestants burned far more women for witchcraft, too, than the Catholic Church ever did, and some women actually told people that they were witches and could perform black magic to scare them to get what they wanted. When one causes panic like that, one is part of the problem oneself. The idea that witches could fly brooms came from the wiccas (witches) themselves who used and still use brooms in rituals. When they rubbed their bodies down with hallucinatory drugs while performing their rites, they actually though they could fly.

Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 10:07 PM By Anne T.
By the way, witch burnings only came after the Christians had been tortured to death by the Roman pagans and others, thus the fear of witches, who were pagans. Never-the-less, no one should burn any one any more.

Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 10:08 PM By mg
Well, put in the pot Warren Buffett and Bill Gates for contributing billions of dollars for population control

Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 11:21 PM By Abeca Christian
JLS thank you for sharing. I wonder if it’s the same video they play at protestant churches. I recall when my in-laws were Pentecostal, they had a video for a pro-life gathering and they had a video on it. Well anyways, it’s good that they have show it because some people are in denial of the fact of how evil abortion is and I hope the video will change hearts.

Posted Tuesday, May 08, 2012 10:39 AM By Dana
Thank you Anne T! I tend to natter on too much and I had to laugh at myself, fingers tripping across the keybd. summing up Church history in two paragraphs. haha I need a bumper sticker, ‘how’s my dirving?’ (sic) Actually, what you wrote reminded me of something C.S.Lewis said to the effect that it’s easy to scorn people who burned witches because we no longer believe in witches…but what if we actually believed there were people deliberately killing our cows, condemning us to hell with curses,etc? Also, isn’t it ironic that the most common method of killing babies in the womb is burning them to death in a saline solution. I would say our ancestors had more honesty and courage. It had to have been horrific for all involved,(especially for the burnee, naturally) whereas now it’s safely and hygenically done away from prying eyes, quietly, efficiently and oh, so humanely.