Father Jesusmary Missigbètò, expelled from Opus Dei after being suspended for publicly criticizing Pope Francis’ alleged support for same-sex civil unions, writes to the Holy Father in response to his sanction.

Jesusmary Missigbètò, who is prohibited from preaching, confessing and celebrating Mass in public due to her public criticism of the Holy Father, writes to Francis on the occasion of his sanction, which he considers unfair, and insists in a public letter to the pontiff that he cannot stop criticizing the papal action because, “since 2016, you yourself have seriously failed to “respect and obey God and the People of God”. Indeed, before being Pope and bishop, you are a priest and, according to the Code of Canon Law, “clerics, in leading their lives, are obliged in a special way to seek sanctity, since, having been consecrated to God by a new title in the reception of orders, they are dispensers of the mysteries of God at the service of his people”.

The Ivory Coast priest accuses the Pope of having “propagated heresies and seriously damaged good customs.”

“Allow me to point out to you, Father, where your mistake is: you are confusing the “laws of coexistence” with the “laws of protection”. Coexistence laws are related to LGBTQ ideology while protection laws are related to human discrimination. There are protection laws for children, pregnant women, people with disabilities, migrants, prisoners, etc. All these people have the right to consideration and humane treatment, but they do not require special laws of homosexual coexistence.

The priest charges against the Holy Father for a more current issue, that of denying the Holy Eucharist to those who publicly and actively defend abortion. “Is it morally correct to give the Sacrament of the Eucharist to publicly pro-abortion politicians who do not renounce abortion? God and the Catholic Church have always answered ‘no’ (cf. Code of Canon Law 915-916). Unfortunately, you have answered ‘yes’. In fact, on September 15, 2021, he publicly agreed, with incredible support from Cardinals Ladaria, Peter Turkson, Wilton Gregory, Archbishops Paglia and Michael Jackels, etc. (cf. my fourth open letter). On June 29, 2022, he certainly knowingly and premeditatedly allowed Nancy Pelosi, publicly known for her support of her abortion, to receive the Holy Eucharist at the Vatican, during a Mass celebrated by you, and knowing full well that this was publicly prohibited. her by her resident bishop. Thus, it induces the Catholic Church to disrespect its own laws given in the Code of Canon Law and disrespects God and the Catholic People.

And he concludes: “My sanction this morning makes it clear that you, Bishop Fernando Ocáriz and Cardinal Marc Ouellet still retain the capacity for moral judgment. Why, then, their guilty and scandalous silences before cardinals who seriously lack “respect and obedience to God and the People of God”? Cardinal Hollerich, SJ (who has publicly said that “the Church’s teaching that homosexuality is a sin is false”), Cardinal Marx (who has publicly said that “homosexuality is not a sin”), Cardinal Matteo Maria Zuppi (who allowed Father Gabriele Davalli to bless a gay couple at a Mass on June 11, 2022), Cardinal Blase Cupich (who allowed Father Joe Roccasalva to allow a gay couple to give the homily at a Mass on June 19, June 202yssssssssssshe above comes from a Jul2, Father’s Day), etc.

The above comes from a July 5 posting on Infovaticana.