The following comes from an August posting by Tara Shaver on the ProLife Witness.

Since 2008, New Mexico’s abortion rate has been on a steady decline. This is great news in a state where abortions are performed through all nine months of pregnancy without restriction. However, that news is tempered by the fact that abortions funded by tax dollars are on the rise.

According to New Mexico vital statistics, 3,134 abortions were performed in 2012, a significant decrease of 2,002 abortions from 2008 figures when 5,136 abortions were performed. This represents a 39 percent decrease in abortions over a five-year period.

….While overall abortion numbers have decreased, tax funded abortions through New Mexico Medicaid saw a 20 percent increase over the previous year’s numbers. New Mexico is one of 15 states to fully fund abortions, not using any federal funds but state funds. This forces everyday citizens to foot the bill for dangerous and deadly abortions.

In 2013, 811 abortions were billed to the state, costing taxpayers $160,007.51.

The largest portion of these abortions was performed at the state’s late term abortion clinic, Southwestern Women’s Options where the very latest of abortions are done. SWO employs Susan Robinson and Shelley Sella who reside in California; their net income in 2013 from New Mexico Medicaid was $74,770.78 for performing 335 abortions.

The University of New Mexico performed 126 Medicaid funded abortions in 2013, which cost taxpayers $24,729.65.

Protest ABQ has prepared the following chart that details the amounts paid to abortion providers in New Mexico for abortions in 2013.

Tax-funded Medicaid Paid for Abortions in 2013
(New Mexico)
Total payments in 2013 = $160,007.51
Total abortions performed (any age) = 811
Number of abortions by doctor and payments received from Medicaid


Name                                                           # of abortions       Medicaid Payment

Curtis Boyd81501.2
Shannon Carr5736.2
Eve Espey334698.01
Joanna Hooper8973.28
Larry Leeman2426.78
Joseph Ogburn262462.6
Brenda Pereda141999.96
Jennifer Phillips4522.71
Jordana Price295.73
Rameet Singh121704.65
Adela Tam5887
Betsy Taylor1364.29
UNM Health Sciences Center78833.3
Nicole Yonke4213.49
Stephanie Long1213.49
UNM Hospital1364.29
Emily Schneider1233.87
Lucia Cies81133.61
Vivianne Clark9111526.65
Dana Espindola1435.69
Steven Gough11.89
Shauna Jamison8813094.87
Heather Kovich1364.29
Carmen Landau14330855.45
Stephanie Phillippides15.67
Kim Prairie11.89
Susan Robinson15432947.59
Jeannie Valdez23.54
Shelley Sella18141823.19
Erika Solis-Gilmore17.08
NM out of state Professor1218.57
Vicky Peng15.31
Gila Regional Medical Center11351.17
Carlsbad Medical Center10

Compiled by Project Defending Life based on public records obtained from the New Mexico Department of Health.