The following comes from a June 10 story on KRLD- a CBS affiliate in Dallas-Ft. Worth.

“I have a friend in my precinct who introduced me to the idea of ‘reparative therapy,’” says Cathie Adams, President of the Texas Eagle Forum.

The Tea Party group spearheaded the effort to get the Texas GOP to endorse psychological treatments that seek to turn gay people straight. “This therapy that was something that was very healthy and good and positive in his own life.”

That friend of Cathie’s is Jeremy, a 36-year-old North Texan, who for fear of retaliation did not want his last name released.

“I don’t think I would’ve gone on much longer being as conflicted as I was,” Jeremy said, who thinks reparative therapy changed his live. “I tried gay affirming therapy and I realized that wasn’t going to work at all.”

Jeremy’s journey began several years ago, and up until that point, he identified as an out gay man.

“I did for about 12 years actually, starting in high school and up until about 4 years ago,” he says. “I lived a pretty active gay life, even though for me, it was something that never felt right.”

He says finding a fulfilling relationship in the “gay” world was a major issue for him. “I didn’t really have my own sense of being a man; I felt that I was constantly trying to obtain manhood from other people and become a man through them,” Jeremy said. “There was never any one man that would work and so I was constantly going from one relationship to the next.”

And that’s when he tried “reparative therapy” under the guidance of Dr. Joseph Nicolosi in California, who was one of the founders of the controversial National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality.

“My attraction to my own gender has decreased a lot,” Jeremy said. “And it has been about 4 years since I’ve had any interaction with any kind of gay relationship. And the desire for that is about half of what it used to be.”

Jeremy says he even sees himself married with a family and kids in the near future.

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