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Immaculate Heart Radio
An ex-prostitute sat stuck in Bay Area rush-hour traffic. She was overwhelmed by debt. It was impossible to repay now that she’d given up the life.

The pressure led to her attempted suicide.

Her car idled.

Looking up, she read “Immaculate Heart Radio” on a car’s bumper sticker. She thought of the few times her father had taken her to Mass as a little girl. Her curiosity piqued, she tuned in.

She heard the voice of renowned Catholic apologist and thinker Patrick Madrid guiding a lively discussion on his show, Right Here, Right Now.

This San Francisco woman shared her story with Madrid a few months ago — how she disentangled herself from the morass of her self-destructive lifestyle and flung herself into the arms of the Catholic Church, receiving both baptism and confirmation.

She credited Right Here, Right Now for clearing the path to her conversion.

Immaculate Heart Radio (AM 930 in Los Angeles), which produces and airs Right Here, Right Now — With Patrick Madrid, will be broadcast for the first time in Los Angeles on Nov. 17. The hour-long show will air live on weekdays at 1 p.m.

According to Madrid, the aim of the show is to “engage people in meaningful discussion about things that really matter: life, family, faith, why we’re here, and where we’re going….”

Right Here, Right Now has just celebrated its second anniversary, but Madrid’s work in Catholic thought and media extends much further back. He has authored or edited over 20 books on or pertaining to the Catholic faith, including Pope Fiction (1998), Search and Rescue (2001) and the Surprised by Truth series (2002).

Jesse Romero, a local Catholic radio host whose show, The Terry Barber and Jesse Romero Show, also airs on Immaculate Heart Radio, lauds Madrid as “a gift to the Catholic Church.”

Romero, who considers Madrid to be both a friend and an inspiration, feels that Southern California could especially benefit from Madrid’s program.

“California Catholics have been getting popcorn and potato chips for too long,” Romero said.  “[With Madrid] We’re going to start getting some T-bone steaks.”

Madrid was born, baptized, and spent most of his life in Los Angeles County and considers himself an Angeleno.

“I’m thrilled to be able to get back to my roots. Religion is a big deal in Southern California,” Madrid said. “I can just imagine how amped up the radio program is going to be with the contribution from our L.A. listeners.”

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