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Subject: Restore the Culture – free virtual workshops

The 25th through 27th of this month provides an opportunity for parents, pastors, educators, young adults and others to “attend” free virtual workshops on Restoring the Culture. See below. I encourage you to check out the list of excellent speakers, including Christopher West, Jason & Crystalina Evert, Anna Carter, Fr. Phil Bochanski, Sarah Swafford and more!
We can lament our culture’s current state. Yet, here’s an opportunity to learn and do something to help restore it!
Restore Culture Virtual Workshops

Did You Know?

The Free Restore Culture Workshops are going to be a VERY different experience than any other virtual event!

With our Workshops, you will be able to follow tracks that are based on specific topics such as chastity, pornography, dating, marriage, parenting, healing and restoration, identity, and other social, cultural, and family issues.

These workshops can be used as a tool to help and teach others on these specific topics.

Making this event perfect for educators and youth mentors who work with teens and young people, but also for parents who want resources to help them form their children in some of the most sensitive and important truths of the Church on what it means to be human.

Register for this FREE Restore Culture Virtual Workshops here:!&r_done=1

Remember the Workshops are only Free from September 25-27, so don’t miss out on this amazing event!

Our mailing address is:
The Culture Project
PO Box 86
Wynnewood, PA 19096