BOYSCOUTSOn February 11, Father Richard Perozich, pastor of St. Mary’s parish in Escondido, California, wrote the following:

“Pornography, fornication, prostitution, masturbation, homosexuality and adultery have no place in religion nor in society – and certainly not in scouting.”

On May 25, after the Boy Scouts decision to allow openly homosexual scouts, Father Perozich was quoted on the Renew America website on pulling out the support of his parish:

“I would not allow a child under my care to be near either another child or an adult who identifies with, encourages acceptance of, or practices homosexuality. Our parish gave material support to the Scouts in our region until yesterday.

“We have withdrawn financial aid but will support them with prayer so that the adults retreat from their cowardice before the evil of homosexuality and its perpetrators, and be about protecting and forming young men according to classic Scout values in accord with Catholic teaching.”

To read the item on the withdrawal of support for the boy scouts, click here.
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