A 5th grader was upset when he came home from school in the Encinitas School District because of what a teacher did, and then what the teacher made him do.

My Shadow is Pink is an LGBTQ groomer book that pollutes a child’s mind by introducing them to gender confusion. Without parental notification they read this book in a 5th grade class. If that was not bad enough, then the 5th graders were taken to their kindergarten “buddies” class. These are five and six-year-olds with whom they have built rapport all year long as their mentors. Then together they all watched a narrated video version of My Shadow is Pink, as if they approved of the manipulative message.

That’s right, they are grooming 5th grade kids to groom kindergarten kids in the Encinitas School District. When the 5th grader told his dad what happened, the dad reached out to the teacher (who never reported reading the book in the weekly report to parents). When confronted, the teacher lied and said the book has nothing to do with gender.

Attend the Encinitas School Board meeting next Tuesday, May 21. It starts at 6PM. Come early to get a seat and pull a speaker card. The Encinitas School District Offices are located at 101 South Rancho Santa Fe, Encinitas CA 92024.

Whether you have kids in the schools or not, it’s your tax dollars being used to exploit these children. Let’s let them know that the sexual grooming of children on your dime must stop now!

From Pastor Gary Cass

Click here for the video of the dad and son telling their story. Full Credit to Shaun Frederickson

Click here for the video version of the My Shadow is Pink book.