A long-time 40 Days for Life leader was attacked at his vigil outside the Planned Parenthood in San Francisco.

Ron, who is 85 years-old, has been leading the campaign in San Francisco for years, has always had a joyful and compassionate approach to women seeking abortions and women who have had an abortion.

On March 19, a perpetrator approached the vigil and threw a sign, a table and pro-life literature into the street. He then knocked two men to the ground during that incident, including Ron.

On March 21, Ron was the victim of a brutal attack when the assailant returned, stole the 40 Days for Life banner, and proceeded to viciously kick Ron.

Ron tried, unsuccessfully, to stop the theft of the banner by putting a stick into the spokes of the assailant’s bicycle. Then, the perpetrator shoved Ron to the ground and began violently and repeatedly kicking him while yelling, “Stay on the ground, old man.”

The attacks were reported to law enforcement, and police officers took statements from the victims. Ron was treated by paramedics at the scene. It is not clear whether a formal investigation has been launched.

Planned Parenthood allegedly has video surveillance of the area including the attacks, but it has been initially reported that they are unwilling to release the video or assist in the pending investigation.

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