As you know, we have the rare opportunity to vote to recall Governor Gavin Newsom in the next ten days and replace him with a better leader for California. I was born and raised in this beautiful state, and it has been painful to witness how much California has declined in my lifetime and suffered under corrupt and broken political leadership.

After a lot of prayer and thought, I am happy to share that in my personal capacity, I have endorsed Larry Elder for Governor of California. I’m endorsing Larry because I believe this is a historic opportunity to try to improve our state. Larry is pro-life without exceptions and I believe he has the best possible shot at winning.

I spoke with Larry and his campaign this week and they pledged the following (both verbally and in writing) if elected:

1. To use line-item veto power to cut all abortion funding
2. To veto all abortion expansion and abortion misinformation legislation
3. To drop all charges against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt
4. To appoint judges and regulators who respect the constitutional right to life

I know there are other pro-life candidates on the ballot, but I hope you will join me in voting to recall Newsom and in choosing Larry as his replacement.

Please vote YES on question 1, and consider a vote for LARRY ELDER on question 2!

Please feel free to pass this email on. Thank you for everything you do for the cause of life!

With prayer for California,
Lila Rose

The above comes from a Sept. 4 email from