The new documentary from filmmaker Donald J. Johnson, Dysconnected: The Real Story Behind the Transgender Explosion, had its World Premiere on October 8th at Freed Theater on the campus of Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA. A welcome gala where audience members could meet some of the film’s interviewees preceded the premiere of the film. An in-depth discussion and questions from the audience followed the premiere screening.


Dysconnected is Johnson’s latest documentary feature. As he explains in a recent CWR interview, the title of the film is a riff on “disconnected” and “dysphoria, as in gender dysphoria. It follows Unprotected: The Untold History of the Sexual Revolution and Convinced, the latter being Johnson’s study of various individuals journeying towards reception into the Catholic Church, including his own. All three were produced under Johnson’s production company, Runaway Planet Pictures. Ignatius Press is the executive producer and distributor of Dysconnected.

In addition to producing and directing, Johnson also wrote and edited Dysconnected. His goals in the film are ambitious: the structure stems from Johnson setting out to travel the nation to speak with experts on the reality of the human person who lay out cases against the transgender movement’s propaganda machine. It’s a machine, the documentary argues, that has weaponized the medical and mental health professions, the education system, and the pharmaceutical industry, and has hijacked the ubiquity of social media to advance its cause. And, as the film notes, there’s quite a bit of money to be made from gender ideology.

Utilizing mixed media such as press clippings, news footage, and social media content, Johnson balances these observations on the cultural impact of transgenderism with the compelling story of “detransitioner” Daisy Strongin, whose journey is the film’s anchor and emotional core. Strongin, now married and mother to little Gabriel, was one of those interviewed who joined Johnson on stage. In Dysconnected, Daisy’s testimony is depicted both in interview form and Daisy’s ongoing vlog documenting the process….

The above comes from an Oct. 11 story in Catholic World Report.