The DuPont all-trimester abortion clinic is not going into the City of Beverly Hills. According to an email from the Deputy City Manager, the building management company has rescinded its lease to DuPont after mounting pressure from the pro-life community, led by the initial efforts of Tasha Baker who started the website and the activist group Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust.

Tasha Baker worked with a local attorney in Los Angeles who shared her passion to maintain Beverly Hills’ heritage as a refuge for the innocent and oppressed. Upon hearing of the victory against DuPont, Baker commented,

“I am grateful to God for this victory for innocent life. Mere weeks before barbaric, late-term abortions were set to begin, California’s first elective third trimester clinic has been defeated.”

Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust are in the middle of a month-long campaign in Beverly Hills with the specific aim of shutting down DuPont before the business opens as proposed this fall. Survivors’ Outreach Director Tim Clement has been in communication with leaders from the City of Beverly Hills and says,

“I think the property management for the building didn’t realize what they were signing up for when they agreed to lease to DuPont. Being home to a first-of-its kind abortion business is not what this city wants to be known for and they definitely weren’t pleased with the presence of protestors taking to their streets every day.”

While DuPont will not be coming to Beverly Hills, it is highly likely the business will move its sights elsewhere in California, capitalizing on Prop 1 lifting all statutory limits on abortion in the state. Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust will be ready to oppose them….

From Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust