The following comes from a Sept. 14 email from Helpers of God’s Precious Infants.

News from the Trenches

Family Planning Associates on Miramar Road was business as usual today, but thankfully with all the prayers the counselors were able to reach four women and hopefully help them to see the damage abortion causes.  Please pray for A., a young woman who came early to FPA.  From the balcony she was able to hear the words of one of the counselors about the horrible medical record to the doctor.  She came down and even called COLFS.  However she is very abortion intent and was only interested in a place that performs abortions.   Thankfully she left FPA but may have made an appointment at another mill for Monday.  Time is on our side.  The Holy Spirit can change hearts.  Please pray for this woman who already has had one other abortion.

Soon after that a young woman came down from FPA and appeared to be crying.  One of the counselors went to her to hand her a Rosary and to see if she needed help.  She told the counselor that she was 15 weeks and she was scared.  She had to make an appointment to come back next week because she was late term.  She told the counselor that she was Catholic and that her boyfriend dropped her off and went to church.  They already have an eight-month baby and she needs to find employment. As she waited for her boyfriend to come back, the counselor encouraged her that everything would be ok, and one of the prayer warriors offered to help her, and she agreed to go to COLFS.  After she left, she exchanged phone numbers and she accepted the help from the prayer warrior and she decided that she will go to her doctor that delivered her first child.

Soon after, a van pulled up far off in the lot and one of the counselors could see what looked like a father handing cash over to his daughter.  The counselor approached and the girl said she did not speak English.  The counselor called one of the Spanish speaking counselors over.  The counselor began to tell the girl about the doctor and his medical record.  She talked to the girl for a short time and the father was ready to pull away.  Immediately the girl ran to the van got in and they drove away.

At the end of the morning a couple sat in their car for some time.  One of the counselors overheard them talk about Medicare and the counselor approached them and gave them information on the record of the doctor.  They told the counselor that FPA would not take their insurance.  The counselor told them that even though COLFS did not perform abortions it was the best place to go.  They sat in their car for a long time and finally drove off.  The counselor handed the woman a Rosary and told them they were a beautiful couple and COLFS would help them to make the right decision.  She agreed to go to COLFS and her face softened a bit.