The following comes from a Nov. 18 story on KLTV.

A Freemont, California church is giving new meaning to the term ‘holy rollers’ with its new drive-thru service.

“You know, I’ve always seen drive-thru food, drive-thru coffee and why not drive-thru God?” said Holy Spirit Catholic Church Father Mathew Vellankal. “You don’t have to prepare. You don’t have to plan. And you can experience God’s immense love in two or three minutes.”

The idea for the service spawned out of a desire to expand people’s options to get spiritual relief.

“We’re thinking outside the box because normally we have only the Sunday Masses, the Bible ministry and other ministry. So this is totally something new,” Vellankal said.

For an hour in the afternoon, drivers can stop by before going home or running errands, pray with church volunteers and be on their way in no time. Vellankal said in this case he knows it’s not quality but quantity.

“It’s not always (that) the drive-thru coffee or the drive-thru food is the best, but it’s the most convenient,” he said.

On the first night cars were lined up to get a quick order of ‘Hail Mary’ or ‘Our Father.’

“I think it’s really nice. It’s very convenient, obviously,” said Jacqueline Ramacciotti.

Monica Slivinsky, another driver in the line, offered this opinion, “It’s the kind of world that we’re living in.”

Vallenkal said sometimes it’s a matter of convenience.

“Sometimes not everyone everybody has the time to spend an hour in Mass on a daily basis, so spending some time to pray with other people, I think is very empowering,” he said.

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