The following comes from a Sept. 27 email.

Thanks be to God on this the first Saturday of 40 Days for Life, there were at least two turnarounds at Family Planning Associates and two more that may have left.

Please pray for a woman who came with her brother-in-law. She told the counselor she was 11 weeks pregnant. The counselor showed her a model of what her baby might look like. The woman became silent. The counselor told her about Culture of Life Family Services and all the resources available for her to help her in the pregnancy. She told the counselor that she had a seven-year-old and the counselor asked why she did not want to have this baby. The woman told the counselor she did not want to talk about it. She seemed sad and confused. The counselor gave her a hug. A minute later they walked away to their car and left.

Soon afterward a young couple arrived with their young child. A Spanish-speaking counselor talked with them for a long time. It appeared they might be leaving when they started to walk towards FPA. Another counselor began to talk with them, and the father agreed to talk with a doctor at COLFS. Meanwhile the mother and little girl went upstairs to FPA and waited. After some time the young man talked with a doctor at COLFS and he told the counselor they would leave. He went up to FPA and they stood on the balcony for some time. They eventually left.

Two cars at two different times drove into the lot this morning and left. One car drove in and looked up at FPA and they drove around the lot before leaving. Another young woman told one of the counselors she was late for an appointment She appeared very nervous and drove away.

One couple left this morning to go to COLFS. However they came back and on the balcony you could see the husband dragging his wife into the building. We need your support each Saturday at FPA, especially during this 40 Days for Life. Situations like these happen so much and we know the power of prayer is a weapon to stop the violence at these mills. Please join us next week to stand for life.