parks-confessionThe following was part of a Mar. 9 story, titled “How to make a good Confession” in the National Catholic Register.

  • Be objective. Choose a priest who can help you grow spiritually, not one who simply makes you feel good (or bad) about yourself.
  • Avoid priests who seem to downplay your sins or dull Church teaching.
  • Remember the three goals of the spiritual life: grace, union with God and forming your conscience.
  • Do all that you can to help the priest serve you.
  • Remember that priests are human, too, and prone to weakness, just as you are.
  • Choose a priest who follows the proper formula for the sacrament: hearing your confession, giving penance, requiring an Act of Contrition and giving absolution.
  • Pray, and ask God to guide you to the right confessor.
  • Be open and honest, with yourself and the priest.
  • Make a preliminary appointment so that you can get to know each other.
  • Pray for your confessor before you go to confession.
  • Always put your need for the sacrament before your preference of confessor.

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