The following was sent on Saturday, June 20 by a sidewalk counselor at Planned Parenthood, First and Grape streets, San Diego.

Seemed to be busy this morning and barely anyone accepted information. My approach lately has been to kindly say, “I have no idea why you are here, but if you are considering abortion, this may be helpful information.” I have found it to be a good approach. It is a direct way to find those who are open. Those who aren’t open either ignore me, or politely say “no thank you.” If they seem willing to listen more, it’s a good lead in to talk to them some more.

Today was the most heartbreaking day I have experienced. A couple of young girls, one of whom had a young son, came up, and I used my usual approach, and one of the girls said that the other one was considering an abortion, and they both listened. I gave them both all the information. The girl with the young son did not want her friend to have an abortion. Her friend was thoughtful and was looking at the information and went inside.

They both came out not long afterwards. The pregnant girl said she didn’t want to abort if her child had a heartbeat. I explained that Culture of Life Family Services provided free ultrasounds, and they could tell her right away if there was a heartbeat. Her friend said,”Free? Let’s go! This is a sign!” (The friend with the young son was driving.) So I made sure they saw the address on the literature. The girl who was driving had a GPS on her phone. I called Culure of Life Family Services to be sure they knew they were coming, and they left excited.

They showed up back at Planned Parenthood about a half hour later, and they said the address was no good, and I said that isn’t possible. They didn’t realize that the abbreviation “Cmno’ on the literature was an abbreviation for Camino (and I had not noticed the abbreviation before). They had entered ‘Cmno” into the GPS, and it didn’t work.

I tried to persuade them to go back to the pro-life clinic using the correct address, but they said they were already back at the abortion clinic, and they thought it was just as good as going to Culture of Life Family Services. Despite my efforts to convince them that Planned Parenthood had a vested interest in not being truthful with them, they wouldn’t believe me. She told me she had an abortion. I asked her if they gave her the abortion pill, and she said no, it was a suction procedure. She didn’t seem to be in any discomfort, so I gave her the abortion pill reversal information just in case she wasn’t being truthful with me.