The following comes from a September 19 email from Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego:

Dear Pro-life friends,

At around 9 in the morning a young couple pulled into the parking lot. A counselor approached them, offering them information and the chance to talk before they would enter the clinic. However, once the yellow-shirt escorts came over and spoke loudly “You don’t need to listen to them”. The couple backed away and didn’t want to hear any more, and did not want any of the information.

The young girl appeared very scared and seemed to want to talk about another option, but her boyfriend, being much in control, would not allow it. The counselor did however, manage to tell the girl that she did not need to be there, that there were other options, and finally that if she felt anything within herself telling her this was wrong, she could leave.

About 45 minutes later, they came out on the balcony, talking with each other and on their phones. This lasted at least half an hour before they came down into the parking lot to talk with each other some more. The counselor approached them again but the boyfriend would not let the counselor come near them. About 10 minutes later, they decided to leave, but there appeared to be a struggle going on between them.

Please pray for this young couple. Please pray for the young girl to have the courage to choose life no matter what the cost.

Some of the counselors spoke to the yellow-shirt escorts at various times throughout the morning, asking them is they were aware of what happened to the woman who was transported to the hospital two weeks ago.

When we explained it to them, their common response was that we were making it all up, even after showing them the picture of the paramedics, fire truck and gurney. One of the escorts wanted some kind of proof after looking at the picture, saying someone might have just twisted their ankle. Another older escort who has been coming out since last April would interrupt us as we warned women coming in about the recent incident, saying that we were lying about it. It’s clear that they know what happened, as some of them wander in and out of the clinic, and some of them were actually there when it happened.

The guard today was noticeably subdued, and did not aggressively try to interrupt us and coax the women into going upstairs to the clinic, as she did a few weeks ago.