Despite a shortage of foster care families in California, a new bill by Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), would ensure that unless all potential foster parents are willing to “affirm” LGBTQ gender and sexuality in foster youth, and any gender transitioning, they will be prohibited by the state from being foster parents.

SB 407 “Requires a resource family to have an ability and willingness to provide a family setting that promotes normal childhood experiences to include that of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or plus (LGBTQ+) and gender expansive youth,” the bill analysis says. The bill “requires a resource family, should difficulties around issues of sexual orientation and gender identity arise, that they agree to seek out any and all available resources offered by the county, foster family agency, and other offered resources to meet those needs.” i.e.: gender transition.

SB 407 ensures that “foster youth aren’t placed w/ families hostile to LGBTQ people,” Sen. Wiener tweeted. He claims “30% of foster youth are LGBTQ….”

At the hearing. Sen. Wiener introduced his bill saying, “We want to make sure we aren’t placing these children in homes where there is hostility towards them….”

Legislative Director for Equality California Craig Pulsipher confirmed the goal of the legislation. “We … know that sexual orientation and gender identity evolves over time and families caring for any foster youth in this state should be prepared for that reality” he testified.
Pulsipher acknowledged the law already requires foster parents to receive training on sexual orientation and gender identity, “but quite frankly it is not enough.” he said. “California can and must do more to strengthen the resource family approval process on the front end to better prevent discrimination of these vulnerable youth….”

SB 407, will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday, April 25.

Here is video of Tuesday’s hearing.

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