The great Battle of Dodger Stadium is finally over, and the final score was Dodgers zero, Catholics one, and ugly men in clown paint and nun costumes negative 1 billion.

After all the sturm und drag surrounding the Dodgers’ “pride night” ceremony honoring a pornographic Catholic hate group known as the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the pride event itself barely registered. The cowardly Dodgers executives buried the ceremony by holding it a full hour before the game even began and in front of a nearly empty stadium. Just TWO of the brave and proud Sisters dared to show their clown-painted faces! Sister Unity and Sister Dominia, middle-aged male drag queens clad in habits and crosses, stood still in their finery while the announcer welcomed them to a smattering of cheers and boos.

There was no strip show performance, no dancing, no twerking on the crucifix, and no rousing ovation by a packed crowd of rainbow-clad LGBT activists. There was zero fanfare. The Dodgers engineered a rainout for the guys who had caused them nothing but grief. I’m sure the executives just wanted to get it over with so they could move on and forget pride month ever happened.

Bad news for the team: We won’t forget. The thousands of Catholics who showed up at Dodger Stadium that afternoon for the peaceful protest won’t forget, either. I arrived at Dodger Stadium’s Lot 13 around 3 o’clock, and it was already packed with a thousand people. Another thousand or so came in after that, with a long line of cars waiting to get in. Many people wore red since Friday was the Feast of the Sacred Heart. People carried huge American and religious flags, held up large portraits of Jesus, and held signs saying things like “No Anti-Catholic Hate.”

I counted at least six news choppers hovering overhead, probably hoping to catch scenes of mayhem and violence they could splash on TV, proving to their audience that we were the bad guys.

If the local news crews were hoping to witness an insurrection at Chavez Ravine, they went home disappointed — because for hours, the huge crowd was quiet, reverent, and prayerful as they listened to the speakers. Nobody smoked a cigarette. Nobody even vaped. Nobody heckled the speakers. No one played on their phones. Instead, in the blazing afternoon sun, people knelt on their bare knees on old, broken asphalt to pray the Litany of the Sacred Heart. Some of the speeches and prayers were Spanish since the crowd was heavily Hispanic. For a white supremacist hate group, these L.A. Catholics sure are diverse!

Shamefully, the Los Angeles Archdiocese chose to “remain neutral” and refused to send any representatives to the event. Many Catholics I spoke to there were rightfully appalled by this — but not surprised. No one who follows local Catholic politics here should be surprised at this. After all, this is a city where disgraced pedophile enabler Cardinal (!) Roger Mahony — who cost the archdiocese $1 billion in victim settlements — lives in emeritus status on the campus of a North Hollywood parish school.

Not a single archdiocesan priest from L.A. was there as far as I could tell, although I saw a Carmelite monk I know. No Los Angeles bishops attended. The archbishop himself certainly wouldn’t have dared show his face. Originally, the prayer rally was going to start with a procession from the Cathedral in downtown L.A. to the stadium. It was called off. Why? Because the archdiocese, in their quest to “remain neutral,” refused to allow devout Catholics who were traveling from all over the country to park their cars in their huge, cavernous parking lot.

Official Catholicdom made it clear that this protest was not condoned. God forbid a judgmental priest accidentally offends the sensibilities of a male pole dancer from San Francisco pleasuring himself on a cross! We don’t want them to think we are judging them. That, after all, is the worst mortal sin you can commit.

But at least beloved conservative Bishop Joseph Strickland was there; he traveled to the event from his parish in Tyler, Texas. He opened the event with these words: “Most of us will not be called on to shed our blood. We need to live our martyrdom. We need to be audacious enough to speak the truth.”

In his own fiery speech, Catholic media maestro Jack Posobiec called the Sisters “the Sisters of Demonic Possession. We have gathered to perform an exorcism in Dodger Stadium. We love them, but they are scared of us, that’s why they wear the makeup — because they are too terrified to face themselves. This is a spiritual war against wickedness in high places. Put on the full armor!”

The crowd went wild at this. Everyone who spoke explained our position the same way: They hate us and think we are bigots, but we pray for them and do our best to love them — yes, even the Sisters, who mock and profane our religion.

Hate Springs Eternal
But let’s be honest: There is only one hate group in this dispute, and the LAPD knew what was up. The cops were out in full force at Lot 13. There were dozens of officers guarding the street outside the parking lot. We knew, and the cops knew we knew, that they were not protecting pride night attendees from us, but protecting us from the pride night attendees.

It’s OK to say this now: The most terrifying newly minted hate group in America is the militant pride activists. “Transtifa,” as one wag on Twitter dubbed them. The Rainbow Supremacists. The Pronouns Uber Alles people. You know who they are: They are the ones who called in multiple bomb threats to Target after some stores moved pride displays away from the front entrances. They’re the ones who want the state of California to kidnap children from parents who don’t immediately accept a teenager’s so-called “transition.” They’re the ones who accuse Catholics of bigotry and hatred for not wanting to worship a blasphemous drag group. They’re the “love is love” people, only they hate you and everything you believe.

After the speeches, we processed up the hill to Vin Scully Drive, which leads directly to the main gate of Dodger Stadium. A line of police officers along the sidewalk kept the huge crowd safe. As they passed the officers, everyone said thank you to them. A lovely young female police officer, an Amazonian goddess who stood at least six foot three, kept saying “God bless you” as people passed her, thanking her profusely for her help, clutching their signs and crosses….
From The Federalist