The abortion industry is trying to recruit new doctors to abort unborn babies in the U.S. by promoting what they claim is a simple, easy “handheld device” called a manual vacuum aspirator.

Abortionists say they are overwhelmed by patients traveling for abortions from pro-life states, and they need help….

According to Fox News, one pro-abortion group, MYA Network, is promoting what it claims to be a simple solution to the problem: the manual vacuum aspirator. The pro-abortion group currently is working in 16 states to train primary care doctors to abort first-trimester unborn babies using the “small, handheld device.”

The abortion works by inserting a cannula, or plastic tube, in through the pregnant mother’s cervix and then using the aspirator to suction the unborn baby out of the womb.

Jonathan Abbamonte of the Population Research Institute described it this way in 2015:

Manual vacuum aspirators are murderous machines used to abort babies between three and fourteen weeks gestation. They are large, unsophisticated syringes operated by hand that work by suctioning the fetus from its mother’s womb. The baby’s delicate body is crushed and sliced as it is aspirated through a long cannula. After the abortion procedure, the baby parts are emptied into a bowl of water or vinegar and inspected to insure that all pieces are there and accounted for. One must wonder how a “doctor” can can justify abortion as he or she inspects baby parts floating in a pool of vinegar.

In an interview with The Guardian, MYA Network co-founder and abortionist Joan Fleischman, of New York, said she would like to see doctors all across the country learn to use the abortion device….

During one workshop, New York City abortionist Zoey Thill joked to Vice about perforating women’s uteruses:

The narrow part of the papaya, where the stem would be, is like the cervix, she said. The broader portion of the papaya is like the upper area of the uterus known as the fundus — and it’s that part we would want to avoid puncturing with our tools when, in just a few minutes, we would practice performing an aspiration abortion on our own papayas.

But if we did by accident, that was OK, Thill said. “We’re not going to shame perforators,” she reassured….

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