The twin theme parks at the center of the late Walt Disney’s fantastical imagination — Disneyland and Magic Kingdom — have found themselves twisted in a tale unfolding in the modern era.

In what could be described as a faith-fueled clap back, former worship leader-turned-activist Sean Feucht and a crowd of fellow conservatives and Christians — some of whom are former and even current Disney employees — are descending on The Walt Disney Company headquarters in Burbank, California, Wednesday evening [April 6] to protest the beloved brand’s perceived attack on parents through the targeting of their children.

Disney sparked parents’ ire when it issued a full-throated condemnation of a parental rights bill in Florida, home to the entertainment behemoth’s sprawling 25,000-acre Walt Disney World Resort — a space so vast it has its own zip code and so popular it’s home to what has been reported as the third busiest restaurant in the world.

“Parents across America were blindsided by the fact that Disney would enable people that are fighting for the sexualization of children, starting in kindergarten,” Feucht told CBN’s Faithwire. “We’re talking about 4-year-olds. It’s one thing to make content. It’s another thing to fight for those that want to groom and sexualize kids.”

Disney was already facing an uphill battle, with many middle-class families finding a trip to The Most Magical Place on Earth financially out of reach. Add to the mix the company’s perceived attack on its core audience — families with young children — and the nearly-100-year-old American mainstay could find itself in a whole new world of trouble.

Alas, Disney CEO Bob Chapek chose to wade into the political fight….

Feucht, who lives in California, said he felt he had to do something to strike back against Disney’s empire.

“A lot of people are really fired up,” he said, noting it’s critical for believers to take a stand on this issue. “[I] think Christians sometimes — they get way too soft. They don’t realize that they’re powerful. We have a voice that can change things economically for Disney. We have a voice that can change things politically in this country. … We’re called to be salt and light in every part of society. So when issues like this happen, we don’t just back down; we have to stand up.”

The demonstration Wednesday comes amid sparring inside Disney from two warring factions: Those who feel the company ought to dig in even deeper in its opposition to the Florida bill and its embrace of LGBT identities and those who desire an apolitical brand focused on creating top-tier art and entertainment for families and children….

The  above comes from an April 6 story on Faith Wire.