….Bishop Kevin Vann has declared Saturday and Sunday, June 12-13, as the kickoff for the Gather and Rejoice Together in Christ initiative. This coincides with the revocation of the dispensation from attending Mass in person on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation. 

“It is time to gather back together in our parishes as one body, one community in Christ,” Bishop Vann declares. “We come to Sunday Mass each and every week because God tirelessly calls each one of us to worship Him.” 

The initiative is designed to gather O.C. Catholics in their home parishes to practice and continue building up the sacramental and spiritual life of the local Church. It will continue in the coming weeks with special events, receptions, outreach, and other efforts to welcome parishioners back to church…. 

Auxiliary Bishop Timothy Freyer, who is leading the diocese-wide initiative, says the invitation to Gather and Rejoice Together in Christ is a joyful opportunity for unity. “Our personal presence in church is a gift we offer back to God,” he says. “Due to the restrictions of the pandemic, we can appreciate more than ever the value of personal presence in our relationships and interactions.” 

Orange County Catholics may not realize fully the deep and lasting effects COVID-19 has wrought on the local Church and community, Bishop Freyer says….   

The above comes from a June 10 story in OC Catholic.

….With the subsiding of the coronavirus threat and high vaccination rates in Orange County, people should now feel safe returning to Holy Mass in person. The need for a general dispensation has come to an end, and, effective June 12, 2021, it will no longer be in effect. That being said, it is understood that no one is held to the impossible. Someone who is unable to get out of bed, for example, is not expected to be physically present at Mass. Such a one would in no way commit a sin by absenting him or herself from being present at Holy Mass. Likewise, someone who is sick might even have the obligation to stay away from Mass on a Sunday or Holy Day of Obligation….  

The above comes from a June 11 story in OC Catholic.