Patricia Scyrkels was one of the first parishioners to set foot in Trona’s Catholic church, St. Madeleine Sophie Barat. after the earthquakes that struck the California desert July 4-5.

When she looked around her church, she was devastated by what she saw. Spilt walls, buckled floors, and broken statues all stemming from the 6.4 shaker. San Bernardino County officials determined that, pending further inspection, St. Madeleine’s is no longer safe for services.

The small 300-seat church, built in 1958, is a Mission of St. Joseph Parish in Barstow. Priests from the parish make the 100-mile trip to Trona twice a month to offer Mass. If there is a constant Catholic presence in Trona, it’s Scyrkels. She even has a key to the place.

“I work a lot with the church and it seems like everything I have volunteered for is ruined,” says Scyrkels.

“It’s more than just a crack,” says David Meier, Director of the Diocesan Office of Construction and Real Estate. “They’ve had displacement and uplift of the floor. Obviously, the floor holds the walls and the walls hold the roof. I’m really concerned about that damage.”

With the church currently uninhabitable, Mass will be held in the old rectory building.

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