The following is from a Jan. 30 story on The Christian Post.

WASHINGTON — Feminists are unmasking horrors young girls have experienced in transgender clinics; exposing abuse lesbians have endured for publicly opposing “gender identity” ideology.

Speaking at the conservative Heritage Foundation, Jennifer Chavez, board member of Women’s Liberation Front (a radical feminist organization) gave voice to several heartbroken parents whose children have come to believe they are the opposite sex.

Despite their parents’ objections, these children have managed to undergo hormonal treatments and surgeries that have left them mutilated and sterilized. These procedures were approved and facilitated by therapists, schools and medical institutions.

Chavez explained she was telling their stories so the parents — whose identities were not disclosed — could be heard, since the mainstream media has chosen to ignore them.

One mother was shocked when her 13-year-old announced that she was a transgender boy, even though had no stereotypical masculine interests. The girl was on the autism spectrum and had a long history of not fitting in with other girls.

She got the idea she was transgender from a school presentation where approximately five percent of the student body self-identified as nonbinary or transgender. Some of these students were taking hormones and one 16-year-old had undergone a mastectomy.

“I took her to a gender clinician seeking expert guidance. Instead, he accepted her new identity and told me I must refer to her with masculine pronouns, call her by a masculine name, and buy a binder to flatten her breasts,” Chavez, reading the distressed mother’s words, said.

The therapist directed the mother to put her daughter on puberty blockers and was given false assurances about their safety, telling her they were a safe way to “explore” gender.

The mother was also told that if she did not comply, her daughter would be at a higher risk for suicide.

Questioning a child’s belief that he or she is the opposite sex is now against the law in certain states and jurisdictions where “conversion therapy” is banned, the mother elaborated.

“I have been living this nightmare for over four years and despite my best efforts, my daughter plans to medically transition when she turns 18 later this year.”

This mother cannot disclose her name because of legal repercussions. She reached out to dozens of journalists and government officials for help to no avail.

The harmful effects of transgender medicine on young children were not the only subject that distressed the speakers.

Panelist Julia Beck shared how males who identify as transgender utilize their power and “gender identity” to silence women who state basic biological facts. Beck is a lesbian who was recently voted off the Baltimore city mayor’s LGBTQ Commission for “transphobia.”

The “T” in LBGT has largely taken over everything, she explained, and it is especially damaging to lesbians.

With the proliferation of countless gender identities, lesbians are now pressured to accept males into their dating pools and their shrinking, lesbian-only spaces, she explained.

Beyond her concerns for fellow lesbians, she went on to decry how minors are breast-binding and undergoing drastic surgeries, believing that it is easier to go through life as a boy.

“And I don’t blame them,” she added. “Being a woman is not always fun. But the joy of sisterhood, of loving women, even as friends, is something that no doctor can supply.”

“We are losing an entire generation of sisters to this madness. That’s why it’s personal. It’s infuriating. It’s devastating. And I have had enough.”