The following comes from emails sent to California Catholic Daily on Nov. 17 by Rilene Simpson, one of the film’s subjects.

The film Desire of the Everlasting Hills is being shown (miraculously) at the Faith Formation Conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

There will be two screenings on Friday November 21, at 5:30pm and 7:30pm. Both are followed by Q&A with two of the subjects of the documentary, Paul and Rilene. The 5:30pm Q&A also includes pizza and beer (cash bar, but pick up a drink coupon at the Courage booth #78.)

You were so kind to post the Crisis Magazine review, here [on Calif. Catholic], earlier this year.

We really fought hard to get this movie to play at the FF Conference, in order to balance another view of homosexuality that is regularly presented there.

It is our prayer that we fill both showings, at 200 seats, each. Can you please help us get people there? Priests, youth ministers, directors of rel. ed., etc., would be great, but we need the common faithful Catholic, too. Chastity is part of the Gospel message!

It’s hard to describe the movie, it completely took me by surprise. It is not a tame film, and it is not catechetical in a traditional sense. In places it is a little edgy, and in others it is outright funny. It made me cry, and laugh, and think. Its objective was to put a human face on the “homosexual issues,” and it succeeds. I hope it gives you a new perspective on this area of need.

I am writing to ask your support of this event, in four ways.

  1. Please, keep this event in your prayers.
  2. Please, come to the movie.
  3. Please, promote this to your staff and coworkers, family and friends.
  4. Please, think of two people to personally invite to join you, and call them

The screenings of Desire of the Everlasting Hills are being sponsored by the Archdiocese of San FranciscoMarriage and Family Life Office and Courage International.

The topic of homosexuality can be a politicized and polarizing one. This movie profiles the faith journeys of two men and a woman as they reconcile their sexuality with their Catholic faith. This film has unexpected twists, turns and miracles. Mature themes are discussed, 16 years or older suggested. This is a must for pastors, youth ministers and parents. Please, invite your friends, family and parish priest.

Desire of the Everlasting Hills trailer