The following comes from a Feb. 3 story in the Washington Times.

The field of potential Democratic presidential candidates is expected to be the largest in history — yet none of the two dozen names being bandied about is a pro-lifer.

As the party moves further to the left on abortion, pushing for fewer restrictions and more public funding, it has become almost unthinkable for a pro-life Democrats to make a national run.

One Democrat who might have checked that box, Sen. Robert P. Casey Jr. of Pennsylvania, announced last month that he won’t run.

Pro-life Democrats have hopes that Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, elected as a pro-life candidate in 2015, will throw his hat into the ring — in 2024. They have all but given up hope of representation in next year’s field.

Sen. Joe Manchin III of West Virginia, one of the last standing pro-life voices in the party’s ranks, said the prospect of the field being 100 percent pro-choice raises concerns about the message the party is sending.

“I think it is a big mistake,” Mr. Manchin told the Washington Times. In states like West Virginia, he said, voters can be pro-life and be Democrat or Republican. “In Washington, it is a little bit more of a challenge.”