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When Melinda Gates, a Catholic, announced the beginning of her grand initiative in 2012 to commit millions of dollars to support the spread of hormonal contraceptive use in Africa she claimed there was “no controversy” because her work would not advocate for abortion, and because contraceptive use should not be considered controversial. Yet only a year later she is leading the charge for legalized abortion in Africa. The International Conference on Family Planning offered at least six presentations that promoted abortion with titles like “Integrating Efforts to Improve Access to Safe Abortion with Expanding Access to Family Planning” and “Saving Lives and Respecting Rights Through Implementation of the WHO Safe Abortion”.

Ms. Gates states her motivation for these efforts is to reverse the tragically high maternal mortality rate of African women — a noble goal. Yet utilizing contraception and abortion to combat deaths during pregnancy is akin to using starvation to fight obesity. Such a superficial approach ignores the root causes of maternal mortality such as the lack of properly equipped health care facilities, skilled health care providers, proper nutrition, clean water, and educational opportunities….

The misguided efforts of Melinda Gates and her associates to flood Africa with injectable hormonal contraception also carry grave health risks for African women. The Gates Foundation actually funded a study by the University of Washington that found contraception doubled the transmission rates of HIV. It makes no sense to introduce this increased risk of HIV infection in an area already plagued by AIDS and with inadequate medical infrastructure to support the subsequent need for increased testing and treatment.

Similarly, numerous studies have linked both hormonal contraception and abortion to an increased risk of breast cancer. A 2012 study by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center found that the very contraception that Melinda Gates is pushing is associated with a doubling of the risk for invasive and aggressive breast cancer in young women. A meta-analysis of Chinese data just published in the journal Cancers Causes & Control found a significant link between breast cancer and abortion. There was a 44% increase in breast cancer risk after a single abortion….

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