Today is Day 26 of the Spring 40 Days for Life Campaign. Thank you for the many prayer warriors who came out to FPA today, especially the large group from St. Gregory the Great.  Their prayers and singing could be heard across the parking lot and surely made a difference.

Early in the morning a couple was followed into the parking lot by one of the counselors who spoke with the woman.  She told the counselor she was only going in for an ultrasound.  The counselor gave her information and encouraged her to go to Culture of Life Family Services.  They went into FPA and left in about 15 minutes telling the counselor she would call COLFS.  The counselor gave her a Rosary.  However one of the counselors overheard the man saying he was “so relieved,” so it is unclear why they left.

Two women came to FPA, and one of the counselors could hear her say that she was unsure as to what to do.  She did not want to talk with the counselor but her friend accepted information.  The two women went into FPA but kept coming out and standing on the balcony and talking on their phones.  The woman who was there for the abortion looked to be drying her eyes and then they walked away from FPA and got into their car and left.  It appears she had a change of heart.

Later in the morning a young couple left who was there earlier and dropped off by the girl’s sister who was opposed to abortion.  The couple looked downcast but the young girl told the counselor she did not go through with it.  It is unclear why they left.  They headed down Miramar Road and one of the prayer warriors was going to see if they needed lunch.

Please pray for a young couple who went into FPA and as they stood on the balcony they began to talk with a counselor.  They both came down and talked for some time to the counselors and even talked to someone at COLFS.  They were both unsure and the woman was crying.  They went into FPA but after a short time the counselors had to leave so it is unclear what happened so please pray for this couple who seemed open to life.

Please remember all of these women in your prayers, and please continue to support the 40 Days for Life campaign by coming out to pray.