Interview on April 4, 2023 with David, who is studying anthropology, in the quad at
Pasadena City College.
Do you consider yourself religious?
David: A little bit. I pray and read the Bible and go to church. I’m a Christian.
If someone asked you why you think there’s a God, what would you say?
David: You can’t get something from nothing. For the universe to happen, it’s just a giant domino effect. For the domino effect to happen, someone has to push it. 
Do you ever share your faith with other people?
David: No, I don’t really share it with people, but they know. 
If someone asked you who Jesus is, what would you say?
David: The Son of God and their Savior. Christ is Lord. 
Some Christians say abortion is wrong, but others say God gave us free will to make our own choices – what do you think about abortion?
David: He did give us free will, but that’s because He wants us to choose Him. He’s not going to force us to choose Him, because He loves us. Anyone who loves us will give usa choice and not force it. But with abortion, I consider it to be evil.

People say, “Oh, what if someone’s raped, or something like that?”
Those are less than one percent of all abortions. Most girls use it as a form of birth control. They want to get out of responsibility for their actions. They don’t want consequences. 
If a biological male says that he is a woman, is he a woman?
David: No. 
Do you think marriage can only exist between a man and a woman, or can two men be married or two women be married?
David: Under the law technically it’s anyone, but under God it’s only a man and woman. But for me, I don’t really see too much of an issue with that. As long as they choose God in the end, I think they’re doing okay. 
What does it mean to choose God, especially if someone is rejecting God’s law?
David: Accepting God’s law in the end. Repenting. 
Do you believe in life after this life?
David: I think there is a heaven and hell. I think the conditions for getting into heaven are not as specific as a lot of people say, but everyone should strive to be the best that they can. As long as they truly, truly strive to be the best they can under God’s law and accept that Christ saved them from their sins – in the end, it comes to the moment of truth whether you accept that Christ saved you.