The following comes from an October 4 Catholic San Francisco article:

The Daughters of St. Paul, who have had a communications ministry in the Archdiocese of San Francisco for almost 50 years, have announced they will establish a resident convent and bookstore facility in Menlo Park over the coming months. The sisters are calling the developing project their “Miracle on Middlefield” and if all goes as planned look to move in not far into 2017.

“We really need help,” said Pauline Sister Irene, who entered the congregation after graduating high school in 1969. “The building needs a lot of work and we are hoping for a few or more guardian angels who will help us with the expense.”

Six Pauline sisters here share the work of the bookstore as well as regular weekend evangelization outreach at parishes in the Archdiocese of San Francisco and beyond. Some half dozen volunteers assist.

Sister Irene said the new facility has the room the sisters need as well as the opportunity for the sisters to live onsite. “After a hard day it will be so good to only go upstairs,” she said.