Hundreds in California gathered at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge to protest Gov. Gavin Newsom’s coronavirus ban on singing in churches.

Between 300 and 400 people gathered for two hours last week, joining together in the middle of the iconic bridge and worshipping in defiance of the Democrat governor’s new order, according to organizers.

“We were protesting with worship,” Sean Feucht, a millennial worship leader at Bethel Church and founder of Hold The Line, which hosted the event, told Fox News.

“Nobody was angry,” Feucht said. “We were just like, ‘We want to worship. We want to declare a blessing over the state of California.’ When they persecute and discriminate, we bless. We want to release hope and we want to unify the sound of the church.”

As the Golden State saw a surge in cases, second only to New York with over 328,000 confirmed, state health officials issued guidelines that said: “places of worship must, therefore, discontinue singing and chanting activities and limit indoor attendance to 25 percent of building capacity or a maximum of 100 attendees, whichever is lower.”

Faith leaders across the state decried the order.

“In response to the ban on singing, I believe, either one, it’s hypocrisy, because the state officials are largely encouraging protests, and I’m not discouraging them,” Feucht said, “and at worst, it’s discrimination against the church because we can’t meet in groups more than 100.

“Our heart in bringing worship outside was taking it to a place where we could have social distancing,” Feucht explained to FOX 11 Monday morning.

About a dozen police officers showed up to protect the rights of the protesters.

“We got to pray for each one of the police officers,” Feucht said. “It was pretty rad.”

Two of the officers were on suicide watch as the bridge is a place many have jumped from in the past.

“We want to see the train of suicide and depression and heaviness broken over that spot,” the worship leader explained.

And the officers, who witnessed the worship and prayer, said they’d never seen a protest like that one.

The above comes from a July 13 story on Fox News.