The following comes from a September 8 Catholic News Agency article:

After 14 years of serving the Church’s apostolate for men and women with same-sex attraction, Fr. Paul Check will step down from his current position as Executive Director in order to take up his new position as rector of the seminary in his diocese.

“I will leave my current role with a measure of both peace and sadness,” Fr. Check wrote in an announcement. “I am peaceful because I trust in my Bishop’s decision, and I am grateful for and humbled by the confidence that he has placed in me.”

“At the same time, however, I will be sad to leave what is such a unique and vital apostolate in the life of the Church today – ‘a light that shines in the darkness’ – and one that offers hope to many. Pope Benedict once wrote that Jesus is both logos and agape. I believe the Courage/EnCourage ministry reflects that twofold character of Christ in its clarity and charity, even as it remains a ‘sign of contradiction’ to the world, all in fidelity to the Master.”

Courage, founded in 1980, aims to help Catholics with same-sex attraction in their spiritual growth, including life in chastity. Its partner organization EnCourage is an apostolate for parents, friends, and family members of those with same-sex attraction.

Fr. Check has been involved with both organizations for 14 years, serving as Executive Director of both groups for almost nine years. He will be transferring to his new position as rector of St. John Fisher seminary by December 31, having received the appointment from Bishop Frank Caggiano of the Diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

He said he also believes the apostolate has prepared him well for his new assignment at the seminary, and that he plans to share what he’s learned through his involvement with the ministry with the students under his charge.

Paul Check’s brother, a married layman, Chris Check, heads up Catholic Answers based in El Cajon, California.