The following comes from a Dec. 6 email from the Survivors of the American Holocaust.

In December, 2010, I joined a dedicated group of sidewalk counselors outside Family Planning Associates in Montclair to pray, sidewalk counsel, and Christmas carol, proclaiming the birth of Christ to those going into the clinic. In the short time that I was with the sidewalk counselors, I witnessed a two-fold blessing: The work of Montclair sidewalk counselors, through inspiration from Survivors.

We baked Christmas cookies to hand to women driving in to the parking lot, and attached our local Crisis Pregnancy Center’s business card to bags with the cookies in them. Women would take the cookies into the clinic, but end up reading the pro-life literature attached to the bags. By the grace of God, we were able to turn at least four women around in one week. Our group started with only three Christmas carolers, but slowly grew to at least 10 participants, including a violinist and a guitarist.

This year, one other Survivors’ team member, Ashley, and I had the privilege of joining the Montclair Christmas carolers on behalf of Survivors. Carolers rotate to try to be in front of the clinic every day of the month leading up to Christmas. Pro-life groups from different churches in the surrounding area have even scheduled times to sing in front of the clinic. Montclair Family Planning Associates has come to expect the carolers, and will shut their blinds in attempts to block out their presence.

That Monday, Ashley was able to persuade a young girl, whose name begins with B, to come out to talk to one of the Montclair counselors, Robin. B. did not want to have an abortion, but was afraid that she would lose her scholarship if she carried her pregnancy to term. Robin shared her own story of adoption, how she had been adopted, and had also adopted her daughter. She reassured B. that abortion was not the solution to her problem, and that there were people at the Crisis Pregnancy Center who could help her. B. agreed that she would not be getting an abortion that day.