The following comes from a January 6 Live Action News article by Calvin Freiburger:

On Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 240 to 181 in favor of defunding abortion giant Planned Parenthood and shifting the group’s taxpayer funding to comprehensive health care clinics.

While the U.S. House has repeatedly voted to eliminate the abortion giant’s taxpayer funding, this is the first time a measure defunding Planned Parenthood will reach President Barack Obama’s desk, due to the Senate passing it last month by 52 to 47 via the reconciliation process. Normally, Senate filibuster rules require legislation to pass the 60-vote cloture threshold before passage.

“This bill will stop taxpayer dollars from going to abortion providers, like Planned Parenthood, as the House continues to investigate allegations of the horrific harvesting of children’s organs and the handling of infant lives,” House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said, referring to the ongoing scandal that has intensified calls to defund the abortion giant over the past several months.

Obama has pledged to veto the bill, dismissing it as “refighting old political battle.”

However, it holds symbolic value to pro-life activists for placing the abortion giant’s continued funding solely on Obama’s shoulders.

House Republican leaders tentatively plan to hold the veto override vote during the January 22 March for Life.