On Nov. 27 Albin Rhomberg, co-defendant with David Daleiden case against Planned Parenthood, and his attorney, Katie Short of the Life Legal Defense Foundation, spoke on YouTube about the decision in Planned Parenthood’s favor:

RHOMBERG:”I feel actually kind of sorry for the jury because I think they were basically presented with an impossible situation. The judge basically didn’t allow evidence. In the comments we saw after ward, they [jury members] seemed to be sad and disappointed. We got the impression they fell under the spell of some kind of compulsion to render a decision without having the information that they would have to have to provide a decision, particularly when one juror who maybe has more knowledge or whatever can easily decide this is what we have to do. And the others decide, well, if you say so, we have to do it. Time to get out of here. I think by now after six weeks they were excruciatingly bored and then at the same time feeling kind of angry about the whole situation. I think they left not in a very good mood. We’re not in a very good mood either. I think it’s a miscarriage of justice and a corruption of our judicial system, which we see exemplified by this particular case. We have judicial tyranny.”

SHORT: “I agree that there are deep problems in the system here that produce a verdict like this. The problems start way back with pre-trial decisions that were made about what evidence was going to come into trial. We’re talking about a lawsuit about reporting, reporting illegally, where the jury was not allowed to see what was reported. But then you’re allowed to hear about the supposed effects of the reporting that they are allowed to see. A system like that is bound to produce unjust results.”