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At some point, left-wing Catholics should just drop the “Catholic” part because, really, why bother? They clearly have more in common with their ideological fellow travelers than their co-religionists. Case in point, the National Catholic Reporter’s assertion that “Climate change!” has become the new rallying cry of the pro-life community.

In a recent editorial, NCR, which calls itself “one of the few independent journalistic outlets for Catholics and others,” announced that, “Climate Change is Church’s No. 1 Pro-Life Issue.” The editorial staff warned of the “enormous” problem and urged, “The Catholic church should become a major player in educating the public to the scientific data and in motivating people to act for change.” Strangely enough, the piece didn’t once mention abortion.

NCR acknowledged that while the science isn’t yet perfect, “it is long past time that the question turn from whether human activity is causing climate change to what do we do about it.” The staff heavily referenced the 2014 National Climate Assessment, an overwrought and over-hyped work of eco-alarmism created to justify the Obama administration’s current and future regulatory actions.

But the pro-life rhetoric appeared farther in, as NCR highlighted: “If there is a certain wisdom in the pro-life assertion that other rights become meaningless if the right to life is not upheld, then it is reasonable to assert that the right to life has little meaning if the earth is destroyed to the point where life becomes unsustainable.”

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