U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas ripped the highest court in the land over its double standard on language surrounding abortions.

In his concurring opinion issued in Jones v. Mississippi decision on Thursday, Thomas tucked in a criticism of the court’s hypocrisy in considering juvenile criminals as “children” while pretending that young girls who want to have abortions are responsible enough to choose.

“When addressing juvenile murderers, this Court has stated that ‘children are different’ and that courts must consider ‘a child’s lesser culpability,’” Thomas wrote. “And yet, when assessing the Court-created right of an individual of the same age to seek an abortion, Members of this Court take pains to emphasize a ‘young woman’s’ right to choose.”

While the Supreme Court ruled that judges may give juvenile murderers life sentences, Thomas cited multiple abortion cases decided by the high court containing commentary from justices who were quick to note a teen’s ability to choose, such as in Lambert v. WicklundPlanned Parenthood of Southeastern Pa. v. Casey, and Ohio v. Akron Center for Reproductive Health.

“It is curious how the Court’s view of the maturity of minors ebbs and flows depending on the issue,” Thomas noted….

The above comes from an April 23 story in TheFederalist.com.