The Archdiocese of Los Angeles says it will investigate allegations of sexual misconduct against noted liturgical musician and composer David Haas, who has performed over the years at the archdiocese’s Religious Education Congress.

Haas, 63, has been accused of using his position of professional and spiritual authority to manipulate and abuse women sexually. According to Into Account, an abuse survivor support group, allegedly “targeted multiple women using techniques that abuse prevention experts identify as grooming, to create conditions in which women felt obligated to perform sexual favors in exchange for professional opportunities.”

In a June 30 statement, the archdiocese said it will also review GIA Publications’ recent announcement that it is suspending its relationship with Haas as his sponsor and publisher. Pending outcome of its investigation, Haas is forbidden from performing in the archdiocese, according to its statement.

In a May 29 letter sent to Catholic organizations and media outlets, Into Account said it received reports from nearly a dozen women. Haas has denied the allegations as “false, reckless and offensive.”

The Archdiocese of Minneapolis and St. Paul, where Haas lives and works, also stated that in 2018 it stopped issuing letters of sustainability for Haas, which confirm that an individual has no allegations against him or her.

Haas is the composer of several songs in the “Gather” hymnal, including “You are Mine,” “We are Called,” and “Blest are They.”

The full statement from the Archdiocese can be read here.

The above comes from a July 6 story in Angelus News.