In two previous posts, we reported how MassResistance helped residents in Chula Vista, California (a suburb of San Diego) push back hard against the “Drag Queen Story Hour” scheduled for Sept. 10 in their main public library branch. On Aug. 29, our team held a successful press conference which alerted a large portion of the city. LGBT activists were so angry that the following Saturday night they (allegedly) painted hideous Satanic messages on the walls of one of the churches where the pastor was vocal against the program. But the congregation refuses to be intimidated.

According to many in Chula Vista – even some local reporters – at least 80% of the townspeople who know about Drag Queen Story Hour oppose it. Many people told our activists who were passing out flyers that they had learned about the program from the TV news reports and they were disgusted that the program was still going on.

Despite citywide pressure, the City Council refused to cancel the Drag Queen event. Three of the five members of the city council – a majority – had either publicly (Mike Diaz) or privately (Jill Galvez and John McCann) communicated to MassResistance that they personally opposed it. But the city manager and Council as a whole refused to do anything to stop it.

So MassResistance parents announced they would protest outside of the public library while the “Drag Queen Story Time” was being held.

Leading up to the Sept. 10 event, the local MassResistance stepped up their efforts passing out flyers throughout the city, posting comments on social media, and contacting elected officials and city staff by email and phone. They planned the protest, made signs, and brought in selected groups to be a part of it.

They also coached new volunteers on some of the pitfalls of going against the political establishment. One member of the team, a Filipino-American immigrant, talked about the abuse he received a few days earlier while passing out flyers inside and on the public sidewalk in front of one of the libraries. The librarian came out and ordered him to leave. He refused. So the librarian called the police, and four officers (in three cars!) showed up on scene and confronted him. The man politely but firmly held his ground, insisting that what he was doing was perfectly legal. The police finally backed down and left.

On the day of the event, whenthe San Diego MassResistance parents got to the library the police had divided the parking lot in front into two areas. And a slightly larger crowd of angry, screaming LGBT activists was there intent on frightening and intimidating them. They had first marched around the library before settling in the area directly in front of the library’s main entrance.

(To see disturbing photos of LGBT protests, click here.)

Thirteen police officers plus a city “public safety” staff of 80 people had been brought in to keep order. Thus, the city’s stubborn decision to hold this depraved event was costing them thousands of dollars.

At one point Chula Vista Councilman Steve Padilla went out in front of the LGBT crowd with a megaphone, leading them on. Padilla is the only openly homosexual member of the City Council. As we reported, he posted a hate-filled rant, which he’s since repeated at a public meeting, making the bizarre and extremely offensive accusations that the Chula Vista residents working with MassResistance are hateful, anti-immigrant, and white supremacist. This has angered many of the local residents.

A man dressed as a woman ran around yelling “We love drag queens!” into a megaphone. Some members of the obscene, anti-Catholic group “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” were also in the LGBT crowd. Other Drag Queens were also there. One man showed up wearing a yellow animal suit.

The MassResistance parents were joined by various pro-life, Catholic, and Protestant church groups that MassResistance had invited. A local pastor came with members of his congregation. Many brought strongly worded signs that reflected their resolve against the LGBT movement targeting children in the library. Some were praying.

Inside the “Drag Queen” event, according to people who went in, there were mostly empty seats in the library’s auditorium – even though the library had told the public that they had received 300 reservations.

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