This month in more than 60 cities throughout the United States, faithful carolers answered the Pro-Life Action League’s call to bring the light of Christmas to the darkest places in our land: our nation’s abortion facilities. From Boston to St. Louis to San Bernardino, pro-lifers sang carols like “Silent Night” and “Away in a Manger” to remind abortion clients that the birth of every child should be welcomed with joy, no matter how difficult the circumstances.

Last year, the number of sites jumped from a few dozen to nearly 40, thanks to the surge of pro-life activism in the wake of the undercover videos that exposed Planned Parenthood’s trade in the body parts of aborted babies. We were able to build on that momentum to add more than 50% more sites this year, topping 60 locations—all the more impressive considering that a half a dozen sites had to cancel due to extreme weather conditions.

Many of this year’s caroling groups came up with creative additions to the League’s basic guidelines for this pro-life outreach. Local leader John Leslie reported that his group handed out candy canes to women entering Planned Parenthood in Tacoma, Washington, frustrating the pro-abortion escorts as they desperately tried to keep clients from talking to the pro-lifers. Mary Maschmeier’s group in St. Louis went a step further, with a caroler dressed as Santa Claus offering care package gifts to the women. Santa also put in an appearance at the Planned Parenthood facility in Orange, California, where some of the undercover videos were shot, and a caroler in Schenectady dressed as St. Nicholas.

A multi-lingual caroling day was organized by Susan Platt in Dallas, Texas, with a fantastic turnout of 100, and the concluding carol, “Silent Night,” sung in both English and Spanish. And in Tempe, Arizona, Lisa Blevins brought out 120 pro-lifers, including the colorful Dancers for Jesus from St. Margaret Parish in Tempe.

But the most significant impact of the caroling day by far were the unborn children saved because pro-lifers were there singing about the Christ Child. In San Bernardino, California, a couple left the Family Planning Associates office to tell leader Roseann Gracza, “We want you to know we saved our baby because we heard you caroling.”

Two other babies were also saved there that day, and Brian Gibson of Pro-Life Action Ministries reported that six babies were saved at their caroling day in Orlando, Florida, including two sets of twins!

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